My Homemade Body Rotisserie

  • As with anything use common sense during rotisserie construction.
  • Remember that any material or weld failure could result in serious injury or even death.
  • If that doesn't scare you remember that any failure will most certainly result in damage to the vehicle being supported.
  • This rotisserie was designed to support the weight of a stripped body or frame, not a complete auto.
  • Do not substitute materials or failure may occur.
  • If you are not comfortable welding then this would make a poor first project.
  • No guarantees are made for the accuracy, fitness or suitability of this design for any purpose.

Isometric Drawing

Isometric Rotisserie Drawing

This is an isometric drawing of one end of the rotisserie, some hidden lines were not removed, so the drawings are a little confusing, but it illustrates the basic design.

Current Progress

Front of the rotisserie

Side of the rotisserie

The rotisserie is complete!

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Last modified on July 5, 2003.